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MP QuartzTM

Muralplast MP Quartz is a surface treatment well suited to all masonry and mineral based surfaces on historic buildings and modern architecture, providing an aesthetically pleasing natural finish in a wide range of colours. Extreme weather conditions and temperature changes make severe demands on all external coatings and Muralplast MP Quartz has been successfully providing unsurpassed protection in such environments for over 50 years world-wide and throughout the UK.

The success of Muralplast MP Quartz lies in its unique formulation which uses a high percentage of fine granular quartz - one of the hardest minerals known. The size of the quartz used is important and each granule is of equal size. When it rains, the quartz granules absorb a small amount of water and expand. This provides a water repellent surface, however, unlike conventional coatings which seal the surface, Muralplast MP Quartz allows the substrate to breathe, letting the moisture contained in every external wall, evaporate through it.

The benefits include:

  • Allows the substrate to 'breathe' enabling moisture to evaporate whilst providing a water repellant surface

  • Completely eliminates breakdown and delamination of external decoration

  • Dries out dampness within a building eliminating deterioration to internal decoration and damp patches

  • Excellent adhesion properties and can be applied to any substrate

  • Can be applied to damp surfaces including where rising damp is present

  • Quartz is the most stable form of silicon dioxide under extreme temperatures and pressures and so is ideal for all climates and situations

What Makes Muralplast MP Quartz So Effective?

Muralplast MP Quartz comprises a high percentage of fine quartz granules. Under magnification it can be seen that the granules of quartz are of uniform size, without dust or powder, sand or cement. They make up almost 50% of the coating, giving Muralplast MP Quartz its outstanding durability. In the grade used, the quartz is not soluble in water but in site conditions will absorb a small amount of water and expand when it rains. Together with the resin, the quartz forms a completely hydro-repellent surface, preventing the ingress of water. However, it does not seal the substrate and therefore permits the passage of moisture vapour from within, allowing it to evaporate into the atmosphere. This is achieved by the granules permitting osmosis in the dry state, a process which can dry out a damp wall.

Tried and Tested Performance

Muralplast MP Quartz has been proven in use in many hundreds of applications throughout the UK and worldwide and its performance has also been tested for the following:

  • Fire - meets all the requirements of Class O

  • Water Penetration

  • Abrasion Resistance

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Mould Growth

  • Colour Fastness

  • In all tests, Muralplast MP Quartz

  • reaches a very high standard.

In all tests, Muralplast MP Quartz reaches a very high standard.

MP Quartz Safety Data Sheet
MP Quartz Technical Data Sheet
MP Quartz Brochure
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