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The Muralplast M-Guard range of water-borne, acrylic copolymer-based surface treatments provides total protection to virtually all building surfaces. They are not paints but preservatives fully adapted to the particular requirements of building surfaces. They not only enhance surface appearance but provide protection from weather, pollution and vandalism, extending life and reducing maintenance cycles.


M-Guard benefits and features include:

  • Durability 

  • Long life expectancy

  • Resistance to UV radiation, does not discolour

  • Resistance to water penetration, grease-based dirt and graffitti

  • Suitability for internal and external application

  • Scratch and abrasion resistance

  • Non film-forming allowing the surface to breathe

  • Prevention of deterioration from freeze-thaw cycling

  • Makes cleaning easier

  • Reduces maintenance cycles

  • Solvent and silicone free

  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic

Only available through authorised and fully qualified appliers ...

M-Guard Brochure
M-Guard Heritage Brochure
M-Guard Facade Safety Data Sheet
M-Guard Facade Data Sheet
M-Guard Colour Safety Data Sheet
M-Guard Colour Data Sheet
M-Guard HD Safety Data Sheet
M-Guard HD Data Sheet
M-Guard HD Plus Safety Data Sheet
M-Guard HD Plus Data Sheet
M-Guard Timber Safety Data Sheet
M-Guard Timber Data Sheet
M-Guard Timber Plus Safety Data Sheet
M-Guard Timber Plus Data Sheet
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