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Mercedes Benz Edinburgh

When Mercedes Benz built a new luxury car showroom in Edinburgh, it was to be a critical hub in its retail operations for the north of the country. The architect wanted to reproduce the Europe-wide look and feel of the carmaker’s corporate brand inside the showroom and turned to Muralplast to provide a cost-effective rendering solution from its Armourcolor range of coverings. Armourcolor’s Perlata is a water-based decorative wall coating specially formulated with a pearlescent pigment for an elegant finish and a subtle surface shimmer. It is quick and easy to apply, fully tested for its scrub resistance, has a low volatile organic compound (VOC) rating, it is environmentally friendly and is fire resistant to Class “O” standards. We created a series of bespoke Perlata samples in our research and development facility that provided exactly the right colours and texture for the branding requirements of Mercedes Benz. The architect, his designers and the client were delighted that such an economical solution could be found that met both their exacting aesthetic and performance standards.

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