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Muralplast M-Tred resin floorings provide a range of high performance products to suit a variety of applications from educational, healthcare and pharmaceutical establishments to aviation, automotive and industrial facilities. Tough and highly durable, these cost effective floorings can help environments conform to Health & Safety and other regulations whilst providing attractive and easy to maintain surfaces. Their features include:


• Long life expectancy
• Scratch and abrasion resistant
• Suitable for most forms of traffic
• High level of impact resistance

Cleanability & Hygiene

• Easier to clean, seamless surface can be pressure washed and steam cleaned
• Eliminates dust
• Spills and leakage can be easily identified
• Hygienic surface
• Antimicrobial systems available
• Products manufactured from food safe materials
• Helps to create a controlled atmosphere for clean rooms

Electrostatic Control

• Surfaces with static dissipative properties
• Comply with guidance of BS 5958
• Comply with BS 2050 and EN 1081 requirements
• Create a safer working environment
• Minimise risk of damage to sensitive equipment


• Seamless surfaces for easy maintenance
• More durable than standard floor paints
• Less need to recoat or relay
• Range of maintenance products available


• Improved light reflection
• Seamless continuous surface
• Range of attractive colours and finishes
• Matt and gloss finishes
• Enhanced visual appeal
• Good light reflection
• Decorative finishes available, utilising PVA flakes and Quartz aggregates

Slip Resistance

• Reduce potential slips by incorporating aggregates to increase surface profile
• Surfaces for dry and wet areas
• Provides sealed cleanable surface
• Hazard marking of floors increase safety

Chemical Resistance

• Range of specialist chemical resistant finishes
• Resistance to acidic drinks
• Resistance to aggressive oils and lubricants
• Resistance to skydrol and hyjet (aircraft fuel)
• Resistance to detergents

Only available through authorised and fully qualified appliers ...

M-Tred Brochure
M-Tred Dek Brochure
M-Tred WB Safety Data Sheet
M-Tred WB Data Sheet
M-Tred Top Safety Data Sheet
M-Tred Top Data Sheet
M-Tred Floor Cleaner Safety Data Sheet
M-Tred Floor Cleaner Data Sheet
M-Tred HB Safety Data Sheet
M-Tred HB Data Sheet
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